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If you are in danger, call 911 and follow their instructions. The Charleston Police and Fire Departments are exceptional in every way.

Maintenance falls into two categories: Standard and Emergency.

Standard Maintenance Requests are the day-to-day issues involved in living in a world where things break: Appliances misbehaving, lights burning out, the thermostat failing to cooperate, locking yourself out of your apartment… the kind of thing where you say, “I need to get this fixed.” As such, Standard Maintenance Requests will be addressed during regular working hours.

Emergency Maintenance Requests, however, are reserved for when you say to yourself, “Aaaaargh! This is a dangerous situation!” This would include issues like bursting water pipes, the smell of natural gas, electrical sparking, sewage back-up, complete loss of power, and fire. Emergency Maintenance Requests will be addressed 24/7/365 by calling (843) 722-4011.

Please Note: Because everyone on our Maintenance Team is trained, licensed, and bonded, calling them in after-hours is extremely expensive. Residents who call for non-emergency assistance will—if the Maintenance Team responds and finds it to be a non-emergency—be charged a $100 fee to help defray the costs of the service call.

Also, please know the loss of air conditioning is considered an emergency if the outside temperature is above 85 degrees. The same holds true for heating if the temperature is below 45 degrees.

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